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Ametryn is an insecticide

Ametryn is an unrestricted or General Use Pesticide (GUP). In Florida and Texas, ametryn may be applied alone on grapefruit and orange trees. In Florida, it may be applied with simazine for common bermuda grass and annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. In Hawaii, a mixture with diuron may be used on sugarcane .
Ametryn, a member of the Triazine chemical family, is a herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis and other enzymatic processes. It is used to control broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in pineapple, sugarcane and bananas. It is used on corn and potato crops for general weed control (1). It is also used as a vine desiccant on dry beans and potatoes (3). Ametryn is available as an emulsifiable concentrate, flowable wettable powder and a wettable powder. Products containing ametryn should bear the SIGNAL WORD: CAUTION. The EPA classifies it as Toxicity Class III, slightly toxic (2).